Our Commitment to Sustainability

Mohawk has been an industry leader in innovative technologies and sustainable practices for years. And we’re constantly exploring new ways to develop sustainable flooring products and reduce our environmental impact. We’re committed to making a real difference for the future by helping you make the right flooring choice for your home—and for the planet.

Learn more about Mohawk’s sustainability goals and initiatives at MohawkSustainability.com.


Mohawk is the largest recycler in the flooring industry, and we’re always working to do even more. Over 500 Mohawk products, everything from carpet to resilient flooring, contain recycled materials. We strive to maximize recycled or renewable content in all of our products—and we’re committed to helping our customers recycle as easily as possible when the time comes for new flooring.


Mohawk has been operating the world’s largest integrated plastic bottle recycling facility in Summerville, Georgia, since 1999. The Summerville process, called Continuum, was expanded in 2014 and can now convert up to 6 billion plastic bottles—that’s right, billion—into carpet fiber each year.

How do we do it? Our state-of-the-art process sorts the plastic bottles, chops up the plastic into little chips which are vigorously cleaned, and melts them into polyester resin. The resin is spun into high quality polyester fiber that we use to make the beautiful carpet sold as part of the EverStrand™ collection.

Watch the EverStrand Bottle to Carpet Story


At Mohawk, we’re constantly looking for innovative ways toreduce, reuse, and recycle. Mohawk employees are involved in a corporate-wide effort to completely eliminate waste from our manufacturing facilities. Currently 14 of our facilities produce zero manufacturing waste—and we’ve got more on the way. Company-wide, we use more recycled content that has been diverted from landfills than virgin materials for our quality flooring products. That includes residential and commercial carpet, carpet tiles, and cushion to laminate and ceramic tile.


Mohawk began reusing hundreds of thousands of used rubber tires in 1999 and turning them into designer doormats. Since then the amount has steadily increased: Mohawk is now the leading tire recycler in the flooring industry, converting millions of pounds of tires into welcome mats each year.


If your carpet needs replacing, why not dispose of your old carpet the environmentally friendly way? Mohawk will recycle your old carpet through our network of carpet recyclers all across North America. We'll take any type of carpet and we’ll take care of all the logistics, so you don't have to. Recycling your carpet helps us recover a valuable resource for the future of our planet. Contact us at 1-877-3RE-CYCL (1-877-373-2925) or email us at reclaim@mohawkind.com.


Mohawk offers everything you need to get sustainable, eco-friendly flooring for any room. In collaboration with the National Association of Homebuilders and the U.S. Green Building Council, we ensure that our engineered hardwoods are third-party inspected and certified as truly healthy and sustainable options for your home.


Buildings and structures are dismantled every day, resulting in added waste to landfills. Fortunately, the growing deconstruction industry salvages an increasing percentage of materials from old buildings—and we’re part of that effort.

Rich and full of texture, Mohawk Reclaimed Hardwood Flooring offers antique natural beauty with a history of its own—some were reclaimed from ancient buildings up to 600 years old. Many of our reclaimed hardwood floor planks carry some of the original antiquing and distressing, revealing the wood's unique past.


Mohawk’s engineered hardwood floors feature PureBond®, a technology that eliminates formaldehyde as an ingredient in our engineered hardwood flooring and can contribute to better indoor air quality. These engineered hardwoods were the first to achieve FloorScore certification from Scientific Certification Systems (SCS), are compliant with CARB Phase II requirements for indoor air quality, and meet the guidelines specified for the Lacey Act, so you know your flooring meets the strictest wood sourcing standards in the world.


If you’re looking for style with a sustainable edge, look no further than Mohawk laminate. The laminate boards we produce in the United States are made of 74% pre-consumer recycled content, keeping tons of material out of landfills. The rest is sourced from renewable, fast-growing southern pine. At the end of production, the leftover wood waste created during the process can be reused as fuel—all to create beautiful, sustainable flooring for your home.


Our bonded carpet cushion is made from approximately 90% post-industrial recycled material. Our sophisticated equipment converts this trim into a uniform, high quality carpet cushion. Without this process, approximately 1 billion pounds of foam trim would be destined for landfill disposal each year

Mohawk has also developed a process for producing quality carpet pad from our fiber and carpet manufacturing waste. The waste that comes from normal manufacturing steps was originally thrown away. Our process recovers these waste materials and transforms them into a dense, quality fiber pad that makes the ideal cushioning effect for carpet.


Every year Mohawk plants recover more than 35 million pounds of waste-fired tile and combine it with over 197 million pounds of other manufacturing waste material to make brand new tile products. Nearly all (97%) of the tile products we manufacture make use of recycled content from internal and external manufacturing processes.


Mohawk’s partnership with the International Living Future Institute (ILFI) as an Angel sponsor—the premier level of company involvement—makes us part of a global community focused on a world that is ecologically restorative, socially just, and culturally rich. In addition to our partnership, Mohawk has fully committed to ILFI’s Declare Label program, which is like a “nutrition label” for building products, allowing the consumer to see what ingredients make up the product.

Learn more about Mohawk’s sustainability goals and initiatives at MohawkSustainability.com.


“Sustainability is a pathway to continuous improvement and innovation. Our customers see sustainability in the durability and beauty of the products we make. We see sustainability in efficient manufacturing operations and the unrelenting desire to conserve. It is our responsibility to work with our customers and other partners to constantly innovate and deliver the most sustainable products in the industry.”
– Brian Carson, President of Mohawk Flooring

At Mohawk, we take great pride as an industry leader in preserving our planet's natural resources. We’re constantly finding ways to upgrade our facilities and processes to minimize water usage and harness alternative energy.


Our innovative approach to dealing with wastewater during our Sugar Valley, Georgia, expansion resulted in pure water that promotes wetland plants and attracts birds and other wildlife to the surrounding wetlands. Mohawk installed an aerobic treatment unit that uses microbes to break down the waste and constructed wetland fields through which the wastewater flows to filter out phosphorous, nitrogen, and other nutrients. When it comes to tile production, many of Mohawk's ceramic products are manufactured in plants that don’t produce a single drop of wastewater.


Running the boilers of a 1-million-square-foot plant on renewable, bio-based fuel is just one way we use alternative energy sources. The renewably sourced polymer used in Mohawk SmartStrand products uses 30% less energy than its petroleum-based counterpart. In some areas, we even convert sawdust waste into energy. At Mohawk, we’re always evaluating alternatives to coal that significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions

For years, Mohawk’s efficient national distribution network has played a key role in exceeding customer expectations. Now, the warehousing and distribution team is quickly becoming a driving force in Mohawk’s overall sustainability strategy. Thanks to an environmental grant provided by the state of California, Mohawk operates liquefied natural gas (LNG) trucks to support day-to-day customer delivery operations in Southern California. Natural gas as a fuel source produces 20-23% fewer carbon emissions than standard diesel fuel.

A Mohawk distribution center in Fontana, California, built in 2010was the largest solar installation in the country at that time. Covering 849,000 square feet, the facility spans nearly half a mile. The energy harnessed by the 16,800 solar modules is enough to power approximately 2,000 average U.S. homes.

Learn more about Mohawk’s sustainability goals and initiatives at MohawkSustainability.com.